Mermaid - Art by Fosco Culto



Oil painting on Canvas
One of a kind artwork
Size: 60 x 100 x 2cm (unframed)
Signed on the front


From the Artist:

"In the spiritual worlds, mermaids exist, as everything that can be imagined and that defies reason exists. Therefore, it is high time to stop arguing about how they should look in order to live underwater at a depth where in reality it is cold, dark and the pressure is so high that it would certainly affect the appearance of such a creature.

Mermaid, despite its neutrality (belonging to neither evil nor good forces), is a very ambiguous symbol. First, it is a symbol of pure, unearthly, deep love, which stays protected from the eyes of vulgar people.

As a rule, the love of mermaids was awarded to people of the sea - fishermen, sailors, pirates - brave men who love freedom and loneliness, in love with the sea, able to see what others do not see, because they must start to work before sunrise or patiently wait for the night all the way to the catch. Mermaids brought them good luck.

Perhaps the mermaid is only a ghost born of the moonlight and the sea air. The lone fisherman does not see her, but she watches him not for the first night.

Maybe it was Luna who told one of her fairytales to me. Its light is very intense and dominates the painting, powerfully radiating real magic, it seems that a night breeze is blowing from the painting and the smell of the sea is felt."