EDEM - Fosco Culto

EDEM - Fosco Culto


Oil painting on Canvas
One of a kind artwork
Size: 100 x 120 x 1.8cm (unframed)
Signed on the front

From the Artist:

"A vivid picture, satirically playing up the well-known story about the fall and the primary innocence of human creatures. Instead of a snake, the forbidden fruit is offered by Lilith, the first wife of Adam, who is depicted as a Neanderthal, as well as his wife Eve, in order to emphasize that they were created from dust, and Lilith from flame. Initially, they have all the vices, which will then become commonplace in their earthly existence. This is not only obvious cruelty, but also criminal negligence, due to which terrible catastrophes and bloodshed occur. Still, there is humor and self-criticism in it. And it also depicts a lot of funny and cute animals"