LUCIFER - Fosco Culto

LUCIFER - Fosco Culto


Oil painting on Canvas
One of a kind artwork
Size: 60 x 70 x 1.2cm (unframed)
Signed on the front

From the Artist:

"Being second only to God, Lucifer did not overcome the temptation to become the first. The picture depicts the moment when he turns from the most beautiful angel into the eternal enemy, the devil. He is cursed. His golden hair turns into snakes and his eyes, just a moment ago reflecting the glory of God, light up with the true fire of pride, which will become the deathly gaze of the gorgon. The background turns from heavenly to poisonous green, the color of the Serpent, and he will become the father of all the demons that will look like him. This is an entity that has the knowledge of heaven and hell, fell from heaven and destroys a person with advices, presenting to a man his deeds beautiful and worthy enough so as not to need the help of God. Lucifer is a super star, an idol, a guru, the same piper, stardust that drives followers crazy, forever young peter pan. It seems to us charming, always fashionable, relevant, showing that he is closer to people in their passions and desires, he is with them on the barricades and in the struggle for rights .. whispering to them that they have the right to be what they want, turning on them to a standstill for that is his purpose. He is the spirit of Doubt, who knows many useless things, but does not speak the Truth."