DIONIS  - Fosco Culto

DIONIS - Fosco Culto


Size: 12" × 16"

Fine Art Print on High Quality Hahnemühle German Etching 310 gsm paper


Per Faxneld writes in The Art of Fosco Culto about this painting :

'Fosco Culto depicts not only demons, but, as part of her Left-Hand Path undertaking, also shrewdly destabilizes Christ imagery, by amalgamating him with other entities. Dionis combines the traditional depiction of Christ (his facial features, hair, beard and hand gestures) with the grape branch associated with the Greek god of ecstasy and wine, Dionysus, and the horns and forked tongue of Satan. We can note that the controversial Italian traditionalist occultist Julius Evola (1898–1974) connected Dionysus with the Left-Hand Path due to the supposedly destructive and violent orgiastic cultic practices of the ancient god’s followers. The vertical third eye in the figure’s forehead is a symbol of enlightenment and the opening of the crown chakra (Sanskrit: Sahasrāra), which allows for transcendence of the physical body. ''

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