MELEK TAUS - Shandi Azk

MELEK TAUS - Shandi Azk

The Witch Art of Azk

Fine Art Print - Melek Taus by Shandi Azk

Size: 11" × 17" US (21 x 42cm EU)

Giclee Print on High Quality Splendorge Photo 340gsm paper

Melek Taus' Trans-Invocation & Sacrifice

Sinking into the trans-dimensional space that the evocative triangle opens onto the Void,
The vision is granted to the Sorcerer who sees the moment of the Sacrifice appear ...
The Royal Blood of the Master, poured into the infinite Cup, overflows from the triangle.
In trance, the sorcerer tastes the ecstasy of Death and Initiation...
Embraced by the Flames, he himself becomes the vessel of the Divine Fire,

Stolen from the Heavens and the Gods.
The Sorcerer's Blood awakens as the Fire Serpent turns its head towards the Crown,

Tearing with pain and pleasure the 7 Sacred Seals,
Flooded by the Black Light of the Serpent-Phoenix,

He surrenders,

And "I" becomes I


Melek Taus, the Peacock Angel of the Yazidis is the first angel that God made. In many ways he is identical to Lucifer as the solar angel, bearer of the original light.

He is often depicted as a peacock, his tail open in a wheel. The symbolism of the Peacock is one of the sun and its course. Whether by its circular tail with many eyes, whether by its colors, the Peacock is royal, flamboyant and occupies a central place among animals. The peacock also served as a physical manifestation of the symbolic Phoenix. Of fire, light, colors and with multiple eyes, the Peacock is the symbol of the solar angel, of the First Son of God, proud and noble, bearer of the Emerald - knowledge - and of the royal blood - the sang-real - of witchcraft.

In my vision, this Peacock is three-headed representing the alchemical trinity of Sulfur, Salt and Mercury, in connection with the Three-headed Lord of whom Shani Oates speaks [1] and whom I also represented in my painting of the "Sorcerer Father", of which Melek Taus is a Mask, a Hypostasis.

Appearing in the middle of the magic triangle whose center reflects the cosmic void, He opens his chest to let his royal blood flow which fills the cup of initiates. This symbol is not unrelated to the representation of Christ in the form of a pelican who nourishes his devotees with his blood. Other traditions also have this image of a divinity opening his chest, such as Hanuman opening his chest to reveal, instead of his heart, an image of Prince Krishna and his companion Râdhâ.

This representation of Hanuman makes him the perfect devotee, the hero devoted entirely to the quest presented to him by his divinity. This image of faithfulness is also found in Melek Taus, who remains faithful to his creator rather than bowing before the creature, Adam, Humanity. Thus refusing to bow to the one He animated with his own breath, God made Melek Taus his emissary on Earth and the leader of the archangels [2]. This myth reminds us of the fallen angels who unite with women and thus engender the race of the Nephilim. These angels are also, in some sorcerous traditions, those who transmit the Sorcerer's Blood.

Melek Taus's sacrifice is to remain faithful to God while accepting to be separated from Him, since he becomes the Master of the Earth, the archangel who watches over humanity...

[1] "Pashupati - A Cainite Trimurti", featured in Abraxas Occult Journal # 2, 2011, Fulgur Ed.

[2] It is interesting to note that the Head of the Heavenly Hosts is also associated with the peacock in India and manifests in the form of Kartikeya (Murugan, Kumara, Skanda), of legendary beauty and purity.

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