Call for Contributors

        The second edition of Alraune Journal is dedicated to the exploration of the Poison Path with a focus on personal gnosis and practices offering a reification of what has been gained through the Poisoners dealing with the Spirits and Genii of the Verdant, Divine and Daimonic Intoxication. As the many plants haunting the enchanted grove of the Midnight Eden possess their own particular signatures, we aim to offer with this second release a unique panacea of visions, experiences and practices, reflecting in their diversity the various modalities of expression, gnosis and personae of those engaged in the Poisonous Artes. A compendium of refined Veneficia offered as the Serpent's Gift of Gnosis from Practitioners to Practitioners.

         As such, this new Alraune will not be solely focused on the Verdelet Praxis exploring the wide spectrum of Occult Herbalism but on all the means and deeds of the Nameless Art that magically engage with the Toxic and the Poisonous. From ancient Serpent myths and archetypal stories of initiation involving contagion and medicine to the nefarious mixtures of the Witches Cauldron, congress with the Poisonous Agency of the Other has found in
the circle of magic an incredibly vast array of forms and ways of expressions.

       It is to acknowledge this diversity and offer new avenues of reflection that we invite contributors to this second issue of Alraune. We aim to gather a compendium of practices and experiences from various traditions, myths, inclinations and sorcerous fates, to widen the perspectives of those walking the perilous way of the Poison Path.

Proposed tracks of reflection

- Congress with gods, spirits, beings, animals, plants, of Divine Intoxication and/or of a poisonous nature to achieve gnosis or serve a sorcerous purpose.
- Researches pertaining to the domains of pharmacopoeia, the employment of magical toxicology in Witchcraft, Herbal Alchemy and the Poison Path.
- The entheogenic or visionary quest: how psychoactive substances are used to induce trance and gain gnosis through shamanic vision, spirit work and sensorium
alteration.  The use of sacramental entheogens in ancient and modern mysteries.
- Traditional use of poisonous substances and beings in rituals and societies,
ethnobotany, folk wisdom, spellcasting.
- Intersection between the Poison Path and the arts, how the use of the corrupting, deviating, subversive, alterating potency of the Poisonous Other has found its way through visual, musical and
magical arts to convey new ideas, serve as agents of change, destruction, enchantment, transcendence or ecstasy.
- Philosophy and mysticism : How engaging magically with the Poisonous can develop a philosophical reflection on a Sorcerous Path and offer meaning in relation to the present world.

Submissions Guidelines

      Submissions are expected in the forms of articles, rituals, reports,  experiences, visual art, theophanies, serious studies and texts rooted in personal practice and academic researches. 

Articles are expected to be between 1200 and 6000 words.
Visual contributions : Images in 300 dpi resolution.

Contributions are to be sent to :

Poisoner : "One who poisons or corrupts," late 14c., Poisonere, from Old French Poisonner "to give to drink".

Guild : also gild, early 13c., yilde. A semantic fusion of Old English Gegield "Guild, Brotherhood" and Gield "Service, Offering, Tribute, Worship, Sacrifice".