WALPURGIS  - Vide Supra Hoc Planum

WALPURGIS - Vide Supra Hoc Planum


Walpurgis - is a tribute to medieval engravings and illustrations depicting the Sabbath and the Night of Witches and Sorcerers which takes place every year on April 30, the eve of the solar festival of Beltaine. In Wolfgang Von Goethe's Faust, followers of the Old Religion come together on Mount Brocken (also called Blocksberg) to celebrate this night of hellish cavalcade, celebration, ecstasy and communion with the creatures of the Night.
Walpurgis Night is still celebrated today by followers of the Crooked Ways and has historically known several variations in Europe with fires lit on top of hills, songs and a wide range of infernal bacchanalia.

Size : 42 x 30 cm

Giclee Print on High Quality Splendorge 340gsm paper.