SNAKE WITCH - Rotten Fantom

SNAKE WITCH - Rotten Fantom

32,00 €

Taille: 12" × 16.5" (30 x 42cm)

Impression Fine Art sur papier haut de gamme Hahnemühle German Etching 310 g/m²


I am that serpent-haunted cave
Whose navel breeds the fates of men.
All wisdom issues from a hole in the earth;
The gods form in my darkness, and dissolve again.

From my blind womb all kingdoms come,
And from my grave seven sleepers prophesy.
No babe unborn but wakens to my dream,
No lover but at last entombed in me shall lie.

I am that feared and longed-for burning place
Where man and phoenix are consumed away,
And from my low polluted bed arise
New sons, new suns, new skies.


The Pythoness - Kathleen Raine