LES HARPIES - Odona Bones
LES HARPIES - Odona Bones

LES HARPIES - Odona Bones

270,00 €

Illustration d'Odona Bones représentant les Harpies, inspirée du Chant XIII de l'Enfer de Dante.

Édition Limitée à 30 exemplaires, numérotée et signée par l'artiste.

Tirage digigraphique sur papier Hahnemûle Museum Etching 350 gr Cotton

Encres pigmentaires UltraChrome K3 Epson

Format : 50 x 50 cm marge incluse

Livré avec un certificat d'authenticité.

Envoi roulé en tube carré renforcé


We enter'd on a forest, where no track
Of steps had worn a way.  Not verdant there
The foliage, but of dusky hue; not light
The boughs and tapering, but with knares deform'd
And matted thick: fruits there were none, but thorns
Instead, with venom fill'd. Less sharp than these,
Less intricate the brakes, wherein abide
Those animals, that hate the cultur'd fields,
Betwixt Corneto and Cecina's stream.

Here the brute Harpies make their nest, the same
Who from the Strophades the Trojan band
Drove with dire boding of their future woe.
Broad are their pennons, of the human form
Their neck and count'nance, arm'd with talons keen
The feet, and the huge belly fledge with wings
These sit and wail on the drear mystic wood.

Dante's Inferno - Canto XIII

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