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Ione blazars has been visually exploring for more than a decade the encounter between the Saturnian sphere of death, frost, nails and iron, and the sphere of satyrs and maenads populated by valleys, turgid flesh and wild and devastated landscapes. From this meeting was born, like an assault against the frame of consensual reality, a photographic collection of 146 pages named AEE'IOYO'.

AEE'IOYO' is the dream journal of a fickle soul in the fields of rapture and decay, a menadic conquest of the eternal through the entranced corporeality of the serpent, a dance of flesh, bone and ecstasy on the battlefield of decadence, a poetic and sensual immersion beyond the hedge, into the realm of the devastated and the savage, to 'break the waters of singularity.'

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''I approached photography when I was about 17: spending time looking at my shots, frowning, insistent and dreamy, trying to extrapolate a hidden sense. But the only sense of those pictures resided in me, my mission became to enrich them with a new pregnant essence, constantly creating my reality though them by twisting the mother information, the matrix.

Images go beyond words: first, we see.

Through the combination of these photographs, capsules of matter, be it flesh, stone or dust, I tend to the core of the vital paradox, that oscillation between ardor and emptiness, tragic senselessness and glory, all in the bizarre game of possibilities.

In AEE'IOYO' you can see the many faces of this reality, the “alchemical” adventures of feral and nocturnal beings, the languid environments of their body, skin and flesh, the exaltation of abandonment, of the sacred desecrated, of silence, of death by crucifixion, a creature teaching light to a goat and finding god in the garbage: a praise to the poetically absurd and the disillusioning a-logical.''

- Ione Blazars